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Project LIKE (Literacy Is Knowledge Empowerment) is fundraising to support the development and implementation of a Health and Nutrition Internship Program in which the recipients will be youth attending Title I elementary schools in Oceanside, California.

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INTERNSHIPS 1) Meal Planning Internship Project Interns will create healthy, culturally relevant, and cost-effective recipes and meal plans for youth and their families. The interns will also create cookbooks based on the needs of individual families. 2) Food Recovery Internship Project Interns will create a comprehensive food recovery program for low-income youth and their families. 3) Community Gardening Internship Project ​ Interns will teach youth and their families how to develop and implement their own home gardens. 4) Sports / Physical Activity Internship Project​ Interns will develop and implement a customized exercise program and sports activities for youth.

Donations are applied to...

Donations will be used to purchase supplies and materials for the four internship projects.

Why are donations necessary?

To create healthier living habits among economically disadvantaged youth and their families.