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Because of donors like you, the MANA program is able to provide holistic support to students within the program, ensuring their academic success.

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The MANA Program

MANA (a concept, drawn from the cultures of Melansia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, describing a powerful, miraculous force) is a program that builds a community among Pacific Islander students that offers many support services toward academic goals. MANA is a program that provides students with a platform to higher education while offering academic support.

Donations are applied to...

Donations in support of the MANA will directly support students by providing scholarship funding, and direct aid for essential needs like gas cards and grocery cards. Gifts will also be used to elevate the MANA program, by providing funding for guest speakers, cultural uniforms and accessories for performances, and celebrating students success through graduation stoles, etc.

Why are donations necessary?

MANA is a learning community in which students in the program take courses together that are linked to enhance students' experiences and make connections between courses, instructors, and their classmates. All MANA students benefit from having a designated academic and financial aid counselors, university visits, and other opportunities made possible by donors like you. Give today!