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Honoring Ms. Ann

Ms. Ann Leak is retiring from MiraCosta College, and as a goodbye gift, she donated $500 towards Veteran students and the Food Pantry. The Foundation is making an opportunity for MiraCostans to match Ms. Ann Leak's philanthropy by collectively raising another $500 for the causes she is passionate about. A familiar face on campus, Ann has been a support volunteer with Partnerships With Industry (PWI) for four years. “It was a calling to be here. To touch so many people’s lives and show them who I am." For her donation, she chose the Veterans Resource Center in honor of her husband’s service with the Marines. She picked the Food Pantry because she wants to alleviate student suffering. “It means something to help MiraCosta College. It should be natural to help your community.”

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To match Ann's gift, 60% of donations will be directed towards the Veterans Resource Center and 40% of donations will be directed towards the Food Pantry run by Service Learning.

Support Our Students

Ms. Ann is passionate about supporting MiraCosta students in need. You can strengthen Ms. Ann's philanthropy today by donating to Veteran support services, and providing meals and snacks to food-insecure students on campus.